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Japanese Tea

The history of Japanese Tea dates back from the early 9th century. Japan is exporting its tea since the Government of Japan abandoned its policy of isolation and it opened to international trade.

Japanese Tea Statistics

Production (1998): 82600 MT

Green Tea Production (1998): 82,600MT

Area under Tea(1998): 51,200 hectare

Share in world production (1998): 2.8%

Export (1998): 751 MT

Tea Growing Areas

Shiznoka, Kyoto, Mie and Kagoshima. Tea is mainly grown on hill sides and plateaus.

Climate Condition

Annual mean  temperature is 13є C.

Rainfall per annum is 1500 mm or more.

Crop Seasons

Tea sprouts 4 times a year.

First crop: April to mid may

Secind crop: June

Third crop: July to August.

Tea Authority:

National Research Institute of Vegetable, Ornamental Plants and Tea (Nivot), Kanaya.
Shiznoka 428 (Japan)

Tea Duties & Cesses

  1. Export Duty: Nil
  2. Import License: Not Required.
  3. Import Duty:
Developing countries Less Developed Others
Black Tea (Bulk) 2.5% Nil 3.3%
Black Tea (Packet) 12.0% Nil 13.3%
Instant Tea 8.0% Nil 11.7%
Green Tea 17.5% Nil 17.5%

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