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Respected sirs!

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Project News
Respected Users!

We are glad to welcome you on our portal www.Teainfo.ru . It is a project to promote Tea Trade in Russia and abroad by providing the complete and reliable information to everybody ,who is intersted in tea and tea business .

Teainfo.ru will provide you all the information about Tea i.e. Latest News, Price Trends,Commercial Offers,deatils about Companies. Teainfo.ru will help You to find the new Business Partners and to take your business to a new height.

Teainfo.ru -Internet Resource is created on a powerful data base, which provides and stores the information about the registered companies ,related to the Tea Trade. By the result of SEARCH, you can get the whole information about the company inclusive E-Mail, URL address and list of services and products ,offered by the Company.

Teainfo.ru offers to the Buyers:

  • Reliable and valueable information.
  • Detailed information about the products and their prices.
  • Data base and Search systems, having information about Tea ,gathered from the different Parts of the World.
  • Information system ,which helps to compare the offers and prices of different Suppliers
Teainfo.ru offers to the Suppliers:
  • Contact with the unlimited numbers of Buyers
  • Wide range of mechanisms for the formation of price on the basis of information from different Suppliers
  • Free entrance to the Tea market for any Company irrespective of size ,country and nationality
  • Help in the Search of potential Buyer for your products and services.

Teainfo.ru offers the following sections:

  • Section NEWS informs all the users about the Latest happenings in the Tea World and fresh news about the Markets and Companies
  • Section COMPANY –Search system of information about the registered companies by the name ,address ,activity and other parameters.
  • Section PRICE LIST-system to provide information about the prices of different Suppliers and also can be posted on line your product in this section.
  • Section COMMERCIAL OFFERS-Selling and Buying on Line. Commercial offers can be posted on line free in this section
  • Section EXHIBITIONS provides the information regarding the exhibitions ,held in Russia and abroad.
  • Section USEFUL LINKS ,having some useful internet addresses about the Tea and allied information..


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