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News From Tea Auctions


15th - 19th October, 2009

Calcutta Fair demand for 112,294 packages.
CTC - Best Assams fully firm to occasionally dearer, mediums sold around last, plainer sorts easier. Better Dooars and Cachars firm, others tending steady to easier. 87% sold.
Orthodox - Liquoring and tippy invoices sold well, all others declined 5-10 with Fannings and plainer Brokens sometimes neglected. 72% sold.
Dust - Firm to occasionally dearer for the better and mediums invoices, others easier. 87% sold.
Darjeeling - easier.
Major blender selective, other internal operating, some export enquiry.

Guwahati Fair demand for 159,726 packages
Better and medium Assams sold around last rates, plain Brokens were firm to sometimes dearer, similar Fannings declined upto 5. 88% sold. Better Dusts firm to dearer following quality, others lower by 4-6 with the plainer and brown descriptions meeting some withdrawals. 60% sold.
Major blender selective, Internal operating, exporters subdued

Cochin Fair demand.
237,194 kgs orthodox on offer - whole leaf dearer, Nilgiri Brokens lower, corresponding Fannings easier by 14. Mediums steady to easier.
80,196 kgs CTC available - better sorts firm to dearer, others 2-4 easier. Dusts declined 4-6.
Internal active, exporters selective.


15th - 19th October, 2009

Colombo Fair demand for 4.7 m.kgs
Better liquoring Dimbula's advanced 5-10, others declined 6-12 with quality. A few best N'Eliya's advanced, others lost 8-15. Uva / Udapuss lower by 5-10. Medium BOP dearer by 6-12, BOPF lower by 3-6. Best leafy Low Grown tea firm, below best 3-5 dearer, others irregularly dearer. Select best OPA's advanced sharply, others 5-9 higher. Better Pekoes 6-9 up, small leaf and tippy sorts mostly dearer. Improved offgrades 6-12 dearer, BP/BM about firm, low grown types 2-4 higher. All Dusts declined 2-4.
CIS, Pakistan, Middle East, UK, USA, EEC, internal active.


15th - 19th October, 2009

Mombasa Improved demand for 75,336 packages. 7% outlisted
Better BP1's went dearer by up to 15 while mediums and plainer sorts sold around last rates. Brighter PF1's generally declined by up to 10, better mediums were firm to 20 dearer, plain varieties tended firm to dearer all round.
Bright PD's were fully firm to dearer, mediums escalated by 20 and sometimes more for selected lines, plainer teas advanced 5-20. Brighter and medium D1's were firm to 10 dearer with the plain sorts firm to 8 higher. Secondary grades tended firm to dearer.
Pakistan packers, Egypt & UK active. Pakistan bazaar & Afghanistan more active than last, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Yemen operating


15th - 19th October, 2009

BlantyreFair demand for 5,421 packages. 23% outlisted
BP1 / leafy PF1 steady except the plain ones which eased 3-4. Better PF1 / F1 fell 7-8, mediums firm to dearer, plain sorts steady. PD / D1 generally easier, the best invoices substantially so. Clean offgrade Fannings declined by 2-5, more fibrous descriptions steady. Offgrade Dusts unchanged.
RSA, UK, Egypt operating.


15th - 19th October, 2009

Jakarta Fair demand for 23,140 packages.
Java orthodox generally easier between 4 and 12 except PF which held firm and PF2 / D3 which advanced up to 4. BOP / BOPF met heavy withdrawals. Sumatra orthodox lower by 2-5 all round. CTC's very irregular with BP1 / PF1 / Fann easier but Dusts mostly dearer.
Major blender active, Pakistan more interest, Malaysia active, others selective.


15th - 19th October, 2009

Chittagong Fair demand.
Large Brokens firm, small BOP 2-4 lower, PF 2-3 easier.
CIS, Pakistan selective, Afghanistan absent, internal active.

All price movements quoted in US$Cts / Kg.

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